Robert Walker – Our MD on what he has been up to!

What a short week.

What a short week… I feel as though I have not had enough time to think straight let alone complete anything. We did however all pull together and managed to finish three new projects which are all going live next week! This week has been interesting though, we finally removed the plant I was bought 4 years ago by my parents back when I was all on my lonesome… how times have changed. The new plants are a bit easier to look after; they’re fake. I decided to buy them from Amazon and they have lights inside them, lol. I’m trying to make the office look like my recent trip to Vegas, a little less risk going on… although the bets I’m hearing on the Foosball table seem to be going up. Started running more seriously, found some new routes and really got into the Run Keeper App as I realised the full potential of the GPS. I love that App. I’m enjoying getting out and running for around an hour or so quite easily. Think I’ll get back to being pushed a bit more when I run with Spencer tomorrow morning… 8am Saturday start :) Next week is our office outing… we’re hiring a barge to go down the canal for the day. It should be really good and hopefully not very wet, as in not being pushed in… although I’m not crossing my fingers. Last week I threw a dinner event for around 10 of us at the The Hospital Club, London; I do love that place. The level of service and respect they give you is second to none. I’m going to be putting on more and more of these events as I really feel it builds up a mutual level of trust and respect with my peers. I’m always trying to work out the best way to attract new brands to work with us on their digital marketing campaigns, it seems crazy how good the results are on our content focused strategies. I feel we have hit the nail on the head in terms of how we approach digital campaigns and the way we can deliver results, all we need to do now is spread the word and gain more exposure. Maybe I should strip naked and run down Oxford Circus whilst ringing the press on the way? lol… or maybe not. Things are going better than ever at the moment and we seem to bucking trends so who knows what’s right around the corner! Robert Walker Managing Director