Creating an internal PR Portal for one Škoda


The team at Xcite have worked with Skoda for over two years, helping the PR team deliver a customised media platform for Journalists and Reporters along with their international PR department.

Our technology allows Skoda to distribute key product information instantly, efficiently giving global access to up to the minute news, resources, videos and related media.


The client asked us to design the media portal around very restrictive company brand guidelines, in a flexible system that that kept the online portfolio in sync.

Platform development

Following on from development a heavy testing phase was run in continuity mode, making sure everything would remain stable with the high volume of large file assets being downloaded at key times


Overall Skoda PR teams could distribute content seamlessly and in a unified way gaining more control over how the brand is perceived

Whilst there are many online cloud storage platforms they don’t offer the same facilities as our media portal. Journalists who work for Skoda manage, create and distribute content on cars, events and Press Releases in a customised portal.

Skoda now use the platform as a central resource for any product information relating to Skoda, so that Journalists and Reporters can find the information they need, when they need it.