We help clients who require more
traffic, sales, or leads by whatever means necessary.

We’re not shy about it, our best clients share our commitment to proactive growth and aggressive target setting.

Data, insight,
& Automation

By analysing more data, using intelligent insight, and running 24/7, we outperform other agencies.

Each account benefits from an experienced team:

As a boutique agency we make it personal by becoming our clients.

Campaign Performance

Depending on the type of approach, we typically run three different types of campaigns for clients
depending on how aggressive they want to be.


Standard growth(100%)


Fast growth(200%)


Super Fast(500%)

Case Studies:
Finance and Retail

A direct finance lender grown £8m in 4 years by substantially improving lead flow and reducing high cost broker dependencies.

5 year relationship

Improving conversion rates by over 70%

No. 1 in Google for Major Terms

Dominating paid search for SAP UK and improving lead flow for partners.

Improving engagement by 343%

Improving conversion by 32%

Generating £275k lead value

Fair Finance
A social enterprise charity providing finance to under served migrant communities around the UK.

SEO traffic increase 660pm to 8,800pm

Website Design & Build, UX tracking and optimisation

No. 1 in Google for Business Loans London

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Our magic box has
been generated:

Deep Link Analysis

Utilising proprietary intelligence to analyse your data & the optimal route across paid and organic.

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Digital Strategy

A strategist crafts the best way to reach your objectives in the shortest time.

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Daily Reporting

Quality traffic will be driven to your website with reporting arranged to suit you.

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Your conversion rate is visualised to spot trends and improve optimisation.

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We are highly analytical and make data led decisions


We’re proud of
our relationships

“Xcite have bulit a level of trust & commitment no other partner has managed to achieve and are integral to our success as a business.”

Martin Rix, Operations Director, Loans 2 GO

Martin and Emily client entertainment