Fair Finance

Fair Finance are a financial services company offering both consumer and business finance in the UK.


We transformed the website into an effective Lead generation platform, using a wide range of marketing including SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Content and Creative to promote a consistent brand message whilst driving conversions.

I wanted to personally thank you for all the work and support you have provided.
Rob Benfield
Head of Fair Business Loans

Generating long term sales with Social

Social campaigns have the objective of building up a community of potential customers who see the value in the content we create for them.

These audiences are used to generate sales over the long term, and to promote advocacy where your community helps to find more potential customers.

This is all fed back to an SEO campaign which has links being created from the distributed content via social marketing, and the more people liking, sharing or commenting on your content the better your Google ranking.

When a prospect turns into a customer we place them into a well categorised CRM so we can continue to communicate through email, promoting repeat business and advocacy incentives.


This has allowed us to build up both Long term results as well as achieving Quick wins by interacting with customers at different stages of their decision process.

For example PPC campaigns allow us to appeal to customers looking to buy today, but by writing engaging content we create value based transactions with customers and build up long term credibility in the brand.