Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our PPC experts are powered by experience and data, applying proven methodology to deliver solid revenue growth and reduce acquisition costs.
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Cost effective bidding

Our approach to PPC (pay per click) is not only about cost effective bidding, but also about having a strategy for people who will not convert. Most agencies would leave it because it is extremely hard to do if you want to keep your costs low. However it is essential for driving long-term results and we know how it can be achieved without increasing the costs.
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Quicker results

We’re very confident about our results, by giving us access to your account and historical data, we typically see improvements within the first few days.

Higher quality leads

Either from experience, industry insight, or simply the extensive process we go through, our team knows how to find the lowest click costs that convert the highest leads.

conversion rate

It’s not just your PPC account we improve, we optimise your entire conversion funnel.

This allows us to monitor your prospects at each touch point, constantly improve key website pages, and give you much more from your Ad spend.

Our magic box has generated:

Deep Link Analysis

Utilising proprietary intelligence to analyse your data & the optimal route across paid and organic.

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Digital Strategy

A strategist crafts the best way to reach your objectives in the shortest time.

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Daily Reporting

Quality traffic will be driven to your website with reporting arranged to suit you.

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Your conversion rate is visualised to spot trends and improve optimisation.

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We are highly analytical and make data led decisions


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“We trust Xcite, they have over delivered on their promise with impressive results within the first months of working on our SEO & PPC campaigns. Xcite stands out amongst other agencies as they hold themselves financially accountable for our success. We would recommend Xcite as a valuable business partner.”

Martin Rix, Operations Director, Loans 2 GO

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