Is your business too small for digital marketing?

How digital marketing can help the sole trader

If you are a sole trader you may wonder if your business is too small for any kind of digital marketing. Whether you are creating products and selling them online, providing a freelance service such as website creation, graphic design or copywriting, or are involved in the arts such as a sound engineer or session musician, can digital marketing help?

Well yes it can, and in this article we explore ten simple ways that you can use digital marketing to help your business grow in exactly the way you want it to. 

We will work on the assumption that you are fairly new to the world of digital marketing. If not, then most of the following topics are also covered in more detail elsewhere in the Articles section of our website.


Who is your audience?

First and foremost you need to know who your business is aimed at. Who is your audience? Think of the typical person that you envisage using your products or services. And why? The foundation of your digital marketing strategy is to know who you are aiming at. 

It can even help to create in your mind a “marketing persona” to identify a likely typical customer e.g. age group, gender, other interests etc. See our article Audience Persona : the Marketer’s Imaginary Friend for more information about this.


Where is your audience?

Once you have identified the kind of audience you are aiming for, give some thought as to how they will find you. For example, would you expect them to search for your website if you have one, find you on whatever platforms you may use to sell your products or services, or happen to come across you on social media? 

Once you gain some insights as to where your audience is likely to be, you can then take action to put yourself in front of them.


Do you need a website?

In most cases yes you do need a dedicated online presence, otherwise you are missing out on some huge potential. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of pounds on an all-singing, all dancing state of the art website. It is straightforward to create a simple website from a template and include all the essential information about yourself, your product or service and how to contact you. 

Also include links to your social media activity, which we shall look at shortly.


Optimise for SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – can seem like a bit of a black art, but basically it means enhancing your website in various ways to make it more likely to be picked up by search engines if someone is searching for your kind of thing. 

Four things that can help with this are:


  • Think of the kind of search queries someone would need to type into Google to find you. What main keywords would they use? Try and use these same keywords in your website content, without making it sound unnatural;


  • Also use keywords in your page descriptions and