How To Train : SoMe

Training Social Media in your business.

So last Friday we started talking about the use of Social Media in business; your business. Today we’re going to delve a little deeper into how to train your staff on getting the most out of SoMe. All of your staff, proficient with social media or not, can be split into 5 manageable groups for you to easily train in the art of bigging up your business and forming part of your social media campaign! And they are… The Digital Native: They’ve grown up with digital technology, social media is part of their lives, they know how to poke and retweet; your SoMe top tier! Training: Focus on the company’s social media strategy and goals, and how to measure returns. The Savvy Technologist: They might not have been born with an iPhone in their hand but they have taught themselves to use web technology and social media. Training: Focus on what social media platforms you want to utilise and how to engage audiences. The Reluctant User: They’re familiar enough with the big-names of the SoMe world but haven’t yet welcomed it into their world. Training: Teach advanced use of the social networks they are familiar of and how to get started with the lesser-known options. The Digital Contrarian: They oppose the digital age and would feel happier sending their message via carrier pigeon. Training: Explain how and why your business will benefit from a social media campaign and why tactically it’s a good move for the company. The Digital Newbie: Extremely new to social media and the digital world. May not have the required skill to navigate the various networks. Training: How to use the networks your company choose. Explain the benefits of social media in business and what the companies SoMe goals are. So there you have it! Have a look round the room right now; how many of the 5 groups can you see?