Dominating paid search for SAP UK and improving lead flow for partners.


The problem was that SAP and their channel partners were not appearing in a key stage of the buying cycle, the initial research phase.

We could see through our research that there were significant search queries being made for HR Software, and Google trends data showed interest in HR Cloud related keywords had been increasing year on year.

With long buying cycles PPC was therefore a crucial stage of the buying cycle, and because SAP was not appearing there were a growing number of missed opportunities especially when competitors were dominating the PPC landscape.

A strategy was developed to align the marketing strategy of the SAP channel partners and combine a shared PPC marketing budget.

As each channel partner had a different website with subtle differences in their sales approach the challenge was how best to distribute the leads generated and optimise the central PPC account.

The solution was to direct the campaign towards a dynamic landing page where leads were distributed equally in rotation, rather than on a timed approach which may not have aligned with the best conversion times of day.

A dynamic template would then load each partners own branding based on the advert driving the traffic and assign their leads into a central CRM.

This way the campaign could be split up fairly and we could track the customer intent allowing us optimise the campaign around an agreed CPA.

1. An overview of how the platform worked.

2. How the wider campaign would be set up and optimised.

Optimisation of the account focused on finding B2B companies with 100 to 2000 employees which was achieved through audience profiling to exclude and include relevant customer interests and behaviours.

Finding search terms that related to solution selling and associated customer Issues was also key, along with a qualification process of setting up campaign goals based on downloads of case studies. This way the account was being optimised with genuine customer intent.

Because the campaign was not designed to drive direct sales, only enquiries, we bid for position 3-4 spot placements which helped us to reduce CPC by around 30%. 

We also built the campaign around longer tail keywords such as “human resource capital for financial services” to produce lower click costs. These were then moved into Exact Match ad groups with specific ad text for each keyword and the dynamic landing pages were updated to reflect the keyword intent. 

Eventually the broad match ad groups were paused altogether and we focused on cost optimisation of our best performing keyword sets to improve conversion rates post click.

Leads were then graded based the action that had been completed such as downloading content, webinar registration, telephone call clicks, or contact form submissions. 


A dynamic marketing platform was built with a dedicated PPC campaign for 5 SAP channel partners around HR Cloud software which Increased sales 14.2%

The campaign appeared in 30% of every HR Software related search query. This allowed the capture of market share from SAP competitors and improved individual channel partners conversion rates by combining marketing costs with a SAP funded PPC budget.

Tier 1 leads were generated worth an estimated £700,000, 201 lead tracked companies were engaged, and conversion rates improved 52% from existing internal brand campaigns.