Branding Companies – What NOT to do!

Not-to-do’s and where companies trip up

At the beginning of the week we looked at some tips for branding companies online; today we’re going to flip it and look at a few what-not-to-do’s and the areas that companies tend to trip up… Inconsistent Message – When it comes to branding companies you want a great idea that you’ll stick to! A trap many start-ups fall into is continually changing and tweaking their brand during campaigns. This will naturally impact the personality and impression you give leaving your target market confused. Leaving it to the Marketing Dept. – Yes the marketing department may initiate the digital marketing and branding campaigns for the business but branding marketing isn’t just about ads, press releases and a barrage of other techniques to increase sales. Your brand also needs to instill trust and loyalty; it’s the personality your brand conveys to market so needs to be a company wide effort! Not Listening to customers – Every penny you spend on branding marketing is worthless if you don’t do your research and listen to what your target market are telling you! Branding companies isn’t just about obtaining a higher revenue through increased sales, it’s about connecting with your target market, building relationships and maintaining them. To achieve that you have to align the brand ideas with that of your markets requirements. For more advice about branding companies or any of our other services at Xcite Digital, please visit our website.