Facebook’s Timeline Set to Change… Again

People are creatures of habit

Are You Ready for the Next Timeline Changes? It goes without saying that people are creatures of habit. Take something as simple as G-Mail as an example. People had gotten so used to the layout that they panicked when Google switched it. Luckily (at least for a few months) you could click “previous version” and stay comfortable. Well, multiply that times a thousand and you may understand how upset Facebook users were when Timeline was first rolled out. It seemed to have some redeeming qualities at first, the biggest undoubtedly being the fact that it wasn’t affecting brands out there. Lo and behold, Timeline became Facebook, and brands just had to live with it. But flash forward some months later and brands realize just how great Timeline really is. It helps with engagement.  It puts innovative apps on display. It allows for a personal customized experience. However, that was then – for right now, we’re again looking at Facebook wanting to change Timeline. Cue the panic! So, when Timeline gets through with its trial run and inevitably becomes something your brand has to deal with, how will you deal with it?                               What To Do when Timeline Changes Again Keep on Keeping on Yeah, it may sound trite, but you just have to keep pushing in the right direction. One of the great things about Timeline is that it allows you to really catch a viewer’s attention with the profile image and different apps near the top of the page. With the new changes, the two columns of Timeline will become one on the left-hand side of the screen, with a new “collections manager” feature enabling you to drag collections into the right-hand side. Things like the “About” tabs are going to change to in-line tabs rather than thumbnail boxes. And other than that, you won’t have to worry about many stylistic changes. Focus More on Apps With these new changes on the horizon, one can only assume that Facebook wants to put a much stronger emphasis on substance. Well, this is something you can take advantage of. Apps turn heads regardless, and now you can really make a strong statement with a type of app used on the site. Once the flow is final, people will understand that the left-hand side of your page is where the magic’s at, so that allows you to put your best material right in someone’s face. Maybe they should call it “Eyeline” instead of “Timeline.” Put a Higher Emphasis on Quality Resist the urge here to use shoddy marketing to build up uninterested subscribers (in the context of your bottom line, obviously) just because you fear the new Timeline changes will divert attention. Put even more focus on the quality of your material. How you target people and how you get your material to show up in a person’s News Feed isn’t changing. What’s changing is how people are going to be able to view your brand on Timeline. You want to ensure that your best foot is placed forward. Another round of Timeline changes isn’t going to be the worst thing in the world for those of you using Facebook for advertising. It’s just something else you’ll have to adjust to. …As for the next set of changes? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. Article produced by: Craig Robinson, Editor for Qwaya.